Hotel Luciani - Our Rooms

The Hotel Luciani at Rome Termini has 50 rooms available which vary in type, from standard, the simplest, to superior, adapted to a more demanding clientele; in addition, 30 meters away from the main building, on the first and second floors (with lift) of an Umbertine building in Via Marsala, there are the annex rooms, more intimate and completely refurbished.

All types of rooms have the same services: private bath, satellite TV, Safe, Air Conditioning and Telephone. Our Hotel Rooms in Rome are ideal for groups as we have available many triple, quadruple and quintuple, and even 2 two-room apartments with two bedrooms each, for a maximum of 6 people, the preferred solution for our clients in a family group or a group of friends.



These types of Hotel Rooms in Rome are the best value in the building, but they however respect the standards of a modern two stars hotel in Rome. These rooms have the same services as the superiors and the ones in the annex, but with different furnishings. The standard rooms are available in all the types from singles to apartments for 6 (one of which has a bath with a double shower and double washbasin).



These rooms are located at 30 meters away from the main building; for those looking for a bit more privacy and intimacy, this could be the ideal solution. They have no reception facilities there, but the 24-hour service is nonetheless guaranteed, by referring to reception in the main building with which you can communicate by dialling 9 on the phone in every room. These types of Hotel Rooms in Rome have, private bathroom and are the only rooms with a fridge inside, with the exception of the two single rooms. Breakfast is served in the main building from 7 to 9am, or in the agreed bar from 7am to midday. Please note that check-in for these rooms is at reception, in via Milazzo 8, from where you will be accompanied to your room by our staff, who will help you with your luggage. These types Hotel Rooms in Rome are available in the following types: single, double and triple.



These types of Hotel Rooms in Rome are aesthetically more beautiful that we would dare say they are closer to a three star hotel. They are the newest rooms with classic furnishings and modern baths, adapted to a more demanding clientele or even a romantic stay.The services are the same as we have in the standard and the annex rooms.The Superior Rooms in Rome are available in the following types: single, double and triple.and quadruple.



We have called these Hotel Rooms in Rome “Family” because are the preferred by large families or groups of friends who want to stay together in one room. They can hold up to 5 people and they all have a full bath in the room. They can be prepared with all single beds or doubles and singles (it would be advisable to indicate your preferences at the time of booking).



we call them Apartment not because they have a kitchen, as many would believe, or because they are separate from the hotel, but because unlike the other rooms they are made up of two rooms within the apartment. At Hotel Luciani we have 2 of these types of rooms, but they are different from each other:

1) The first has a small entrance hall with a door separating this space from the hotel corridor where all the other hotel rooms are; in this small space there is also the shared bathroom for both bedrooms. Facing this are the two double rooms (one of which could occasionally become a triple), each separate from the other and non-communicating. This is the favoured solutions for young couple friends or relatives apart from family groups.

2) The other Apartment Room in Rome is made up of a small entranceway, a quadruple room and a double. This room is particularly good for large families or groups of friends. The special feature of this Hotel Room in Rome is that it has a very large bathroom, with a double washbasin and a large shower basin with two showerheads to speed up morning preparation time.